NET vs. HESI A2?

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    I just looked at the new packet for my program and they have abandoned the NET test and switched to HESI A2 before you are able to get an application. My question is: those of you that have taken the NET and the HESI, how different were they? Since "difficult" is such a subjective term, I ask that you provide me with info about the content tested over: about the same? Is HESI a little more "in depth" than NET was?

    I barely passed the math portion of the NET test, so if the HESI is a little more "difficult" in relation to the content covered, looks like I better buy a study guide and spend the next six months prepping!

    Thanks for your time.
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  3. by   kimmy088
    I think that both the NET and the HESI A2 require students to perform at the middle school level (so the hardest thing will be algebraic expressions/dealing with fractions)... but a quick prep book should be adequate to remind you of middle school math
    I think I've heard that the grammar/english/reading comprehension and the math sections are similar between the two tests. What is different is that the HESI A2 allows some schools to test anatomy and physiology, chem, biology, and physics.