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  1. Hi All,
    In my last semester of my RN ADN program, with graduation May11th! I just took my first test, got a 66. I choked?? I knew most of the answers when we reviewed...I just quit my job so I can focus full time on these last few months. My ER rotation is kicking butt!! I'm still not steady on my IV push-IV rates calculations and I haven't started an IV yet. I guess I am just asking for any words of wisdom or tips from you all in your last semester as well. What's working for you?? How are your rotations coming along? I think we could all use some encouragement as our program winds down and we prepare to enter the real world of nursing!!
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  3. by   ginger58
    Wise one to quit your job to concentrate on the last months of school. ER rotations would kick butt because of the intensity, even for an experienced nurse. IV starts will probably come more after graduation. IV push rates can always be slow except for a few drugs and IV rate calculations will come.
    I've been out of school for a long time and I hate seeing you new nurses being so hard on yourselves. These are skills you develop over time. Even an experienced nurse has anxiety going to a new job. Best wishes.
  4. by   S.N. Visit
    I know what you mean about these last few months. I have winter term finals next thurs. I'm freaking out. I'm getting an overall class average of 80.5 % Total stress. Obviously, I don't have any tips or words of wisdom or I wouldn't be on the verge of failing. My clinical's are great, just wish the lecture portion was. I hope we both make it and see graduation this May!!! (you pray for me, I'll pray for you!)
  5. by   sellen1972
    It sounds trite, but you've gotten this far. First exams are always tough until you figure out how your instructors ask their questions. Keep going. I'm done in May, too. We'll make it. And just in case, although it's not what we strive for, as one of my friends said, "Cs get degrees."
  6. by   Jules A
    I'm sending good vibes your way. Sorry I don't have any words of wisdom but I was under the very mistaken impression that it would be smooth sailing once we got through the 3rd semester..wrong!
  7. by   Sunni_Lpn
    You know my first time doing a IV stick, I forgot to hook up the tubing and I had blood oozing our all over my patient. I was shaking so bad the teacher had to take over for me, and I ran outside and cried. But, guess what since that day, I have done 35 more IV's and I never forgot to hook up the tubing. You are not suppose to know it all, that's why your a student and that's why we pay good money for a clinical instructor to teach us....Each time you do a IV, you are going to get better and better. You hang in there, you are not going through anything that I and every other nursing students has gone through. You are going to do just fine.....And as far as choking on test, well I've done a few of those too.....Can't wait to get your invitation to your graduation.....see ya
  8. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    Try not to be so hard on yourself. In school you learn the step by step basics of how things should be done. Once you get out into the real world, your confidence and skill level will increase with the more you do things. Pretty soon you will be on automatic pilot for some of the things you are struggling to remember now. It will come.

    As far as your last semester, I can empathize. I am in my last semester- critical care and ER. Practice, practice those IV calculations at home. Buddy up with someone in the class and have them show you their method. I hate Math and have always struggled with it. Once you get rid of all the erroneous information and set your problem up- it is ratio/proportion.

    Like Jules, I was hoping the last semester would be smooth sailing. I am overwhelmed but tell myself that others have done it, I have come this far, therefore, I will do it too. One step at a time.