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I'm currently enrolled in Excelsior's nursing program. I've only taken 1 exam in 18 months and I'm not doing very well keeping up with getting the nursing sequence done. My problem is that I'm not... Read More

  1. by   rnwendy23
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    Hi. I believe you and everyone else should do what is best for them - because that's the only way you will stay motivated to complete whatever program you choose. I started Excelsior years ago and like you, I would procrastinate months (if not years) between tests. I didn't have time in my life for a traditional program. 2 years ago (kid you not), I made it my New Years resolution to finish this program. I told my whole family and close work friends about my goal. Wrote me a "plan of testing schedule" and posted a copy on my frig at home and my bulletin board at work. I prescheduled tests about every 4-6 weeks apart and EVERYONE knew by my postings when I was suppose to be taking another test. For me, this plan worked much better - I had lots of people pushing me with my best interest at heart. Even my kids got to joke around "Mom, you've got a test coming up - now you get your studying done". It worked - I actually got done. Graduated in May 2005 and completed NCLEX 6/05. Greatest thing I have ever done and YES, If I had to do this over - I would do it again. Last year the CPNE cost about $1675? or somewhere around there. I had been an LPN for 19 years (in management in LTC for past 10) was REALLY WORRIED about my skills as well. I memorized the study guide they gave me, practiced IV's and drip rates in my kitchen at night, dressing changes on the kids, etc. I passed that thing first shot!!:spin: If you can just push yourself to get thru this, you will have the biggest confidence in yourself that you can ever imagine. On this board you may hear many negative things about EC grads - but I have never experienced this out in the real world. Most are quite impressed that anyone would have the motivation and dedication that it takes to complete this program. BUT, you will want to check with you BOH to make sure they accept this degree before you get to far.

    Figure out for yourself what works best for you and find a way to stick with it. It's been over six months now and I still smile when I sign RN behind my name:hatparty:
    WOW, thanks for such great encouragement. I got the goose bumps (which are a good thing) reading your last sentence. I hope I can be as happy as you are with my decision. If I need any help, do you mind if I call on you for extra support or an extra little push? It would be a blessing to complete this program with no hardships at the end. Was the CPNE really as hard and difficult as they say it is? Did you feel well prepared for the CPNE?

    Thanks again.
  2. by   Nascar nurse
    Hi again. Feel free to send me a private message to ask advice whenever you need it or just to give ya a little push again.

    WOW - that whole CPNE thing... Just to help you understand, I am NOT one of those people that gets all freaked out over tests. I study average to below average (time spent studying wise) and have always gone in with the attitude "I'll do the best I can and deal with it". This one FREAKED ME OUT!! I really did practice constantly at home. I would have a friendly chase with my cat to get her heart rate up so I could count apical pulses on something real fast (Ha Ha - stupid I know, the cat got used to it and just lay still and let me count:wink2: ). The pharmacy nurse rep at my facility was great - she let borrow her IV training video to review and gave me an expired saline IV bag w/ setup equipment. I practiced that at night with my 10 year old daughter - we would just pick a drip rate and then see who could the closest in the fastest time (we BOTH got very good at this :wink2: ). Anyways, by the time I actually got to Racine, I was sicker than a dog! Had one of the absolute worst URI's of my life - practically overdosed my self on OTC drugs to "hide" my symptoms from the instuctors, then ended up w/ diarrhea and needing more OTC drugs to fix this. BUT, in the end, it went like a piece of cake. I keep reading about some of the nasty instructors - but every one of the ladies I came in contact with were wonderful. All of them almost like a "Grandma" type. They seemed to be pulling for me all the way and went out of there way to be kind and put all of us at ease. Driving home after the whole experience, I felt like I had just participated in a play. I had the whole study guide memorized. They had all said their lines, just like the book said they would and then I had went on the say - or act out my lines. Don't anyone flame me, but I kept thinking "Wow - that was actually easy. Just common sense nursing - no tricks involved". You HAVE to memorize the study guide and all the critical elements. If you do that and try to not freak out - it can be done first shot. Hope this helps a little. Again, just PM me if you need help.
  3. by   rnwendy23
    Where did you take the CPNE? Do you think it matters where to take it? I have read on this site and the yahoogroups that some places are great and wonderful, such as you said, and the other places were absolutly horrible and very scarey. How long have you been an LPN? Forgive me if you have already told me. And one more question, where do you live?
    My husband and I had another talk and he really doesn't want me to go back to school at the community college for fear of the money situation. With me having to cut back my hours and not have the money coming in really scares him. So I guess it's stick with the Excelsior program and just get it done!!!! I think thats going to be my New Years resolution.

    Thanks so much again for all of your kind words and encouragement. It's nice to know that there are people out there rooting for me!!!!
  4. by   Nascar nurse
    Where did you take the CPNE? Do you think it matters where to take it? I have read on this site and the yahoogroups that some places are great and wonderful, such as you said, and the other places were absolutly horrible and very scarey. How long have you been an LPN? Forgive me if you have already told me. And one more question, where do you live?

    I live in NW Indiana and took the CPNE in Racine Wisconsin (was within driving distance for me). I can't give you an opinion about any other testing site, because fortunately I never attended any other site. When I was there we had one girl that had previously tested in Texas and one previously tested in California. They neither one passed at Racine, but I don't know why. I went with the attitude that this had to be all about me! I didn't socialize with the others and didn't ask any questions. I just minded my own business and stayed focused on what I was there to do and getting the job done. I was an LPN for 19 years.
  5. by   BennyFan
    I signed up for the Excelcor program and had the same problem and fears, so I relate. For me it was better to go back to a traditional program. I have worked with people who had taken the CPNE, and it is tough, but so is a traditional program. You can make it through either if its what you want. For me the decision to return to a traditional program was that I didnt work well alone. I need the structure to get it done. Good luck
  6. by   wagithua
    I'm an EC student, have done nursing concepts 1-5 and "Fundamental of Nursing" have only nsg concept 6 to go then CPNE. from what I'm learning now, I'm completely freaked out by CPNE. Someone some time back told me there is a place in Salt Lake Utah that walks you through the CPNE process for a fee in preparation for the final one. Anyone with any idea?? I desperately need HELP on this.