LVN to RN in california

  1. Hi everyone!
    Soo.. basically... I was a "traditional" student trying to get into a BSN program in California and I was accepted to a private school but decided not to go because I would end up spending atleast 60k.

    So now I've decided to do the LVN to BSN route and was wondering if anyone knows of any online programs that are recognized in CA? I read a lot of the posts for Excelsior but I'm not sure if california recognizes them.

    Please help.

    And also-
    I haven't "officially" sent in my decline letter so I would love some input from everyone:

    Basically.. i can graduate with my BSN in two years for 60-80k (includes housing, food, travel, tuition, etc...) or I can go the LVN to BSN route.. or LVN to ADN to BSN..

    My family says that I should go for my BSN right away but the problem is... my fiance . He doesn't want me to go out of state...

    Do you think it would be selfish of me to go and not honor his decision or stupid of me to stay and let go of my dream?


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  3. by   Daytonite
    hi, nina! you are in a state that is in severe need of rns. did you not know that? bsns, in particular, are so wanted! say what you want about governor schwarzenegger, but he has a sympathetic ear for training and increasing the number of nurses in our state! you just haven't been looking in the right places. yes, there are bsn programs in california that are way cheaper than private schools. most of them are either california state colleges or university of california schools. that means they are state supported so tuition is going to be way cheaper. i listed a link for you to a listing of these that is on the state board of rn nursing site. there are also links to the colleges there on the state board site as well. i've also given you links to websites where you can go to explore information about financial aid as well as the california nurse outreach program. you need to do some reading, girl! getting a bsn is a lot more achievable than you think! - the state board approved rn programs in california - these are links to places to get information on financial aid in helping to pay for a nursing education - home page of california nurse outreach

    if you are still determined to get an lvn first, here is a link to the california board of vocational nursing and psychiatric technicians listing of approved lvn schools: