1. I am looking for an online LPN to RN bridge program if anyone has experience with this please let me know. I live in Florida so I need one that is approved by them. Thank you for any information.
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  3. by   shamrokks
    Try Galen if you are near the Tampa Bay Area. They have an online bridge program. You have to be in class for lab and exams, the rest is online. The clinicals are at different sites around Tampa Bay.
  4. by   Lizmaryperez
    I started the online bridge program at Galen and I can tell you that it is very challenging. I actually started Jersey college LPN to RN program and only have to go to school 3 times a week. Also South University offers an LPN to RN type of program online. Hope this helps.
  5. by   shamrokks
    I am almost done at Galen. One quarter I didn't have to go on campus at all, one quarter I went once a week, then one Q I went once every other week, one Q I was there a few times a week. It hasn't been anything I didn't expect and nothing is outside of the timeframe they tell you that you will need to be available.
  6. by   shamrokks
    Warning: my first bad experience with Galen but it's a huge one for me! I go to schedule my LAST quarter this week and there are NO weekend clinical spots offered for the online students. This is what we were promised since the program is geared towards working students. I am livid and so far no one is helping me. There is not even an option at all to "choose" anything - instead we all get automatically scheduled for Fridays at Manatee which is all the way in Bradenton, FL.

    This is not an option for me since I am the only nurse at my job on Fridays! Even if I did another week day that means I cut my pay by a whole day at work which is not easy to do.

    If you're considering Galen for the online bridge program do not listen to the guarantee that you will only have to attend campus or clinicals on weekends or after 5pm Monday-Friday.