Lpn To Rn (bsn) Or Lpn To Adn (rn) How Long?

  1. can you guys tell me how long would it take to be a RN (bsn) from LPN and how long would it take from LPN to ADN (RN)

    thanks, and can someone tell me what is the benefit of getting a bsn over an adn or what really the difference.

    Thanks again. hope this answer some other peoples question beside myself

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  3. by   BBFRN
    Most of your LPN-ASN programs are 1 year to 18 month programs full time. I'm not sure about LPN-BSN programs, but it may depend on how many general ed courses you have under your belt when you start. I would say around 3 years. ISU has an online LPN-BSN program. There are several students in that program here. Maybe one of them can tell you how long their program is.

    Having a BSN offers more job opportunities in the long run. If you take a look at the job openings for nurses in your area, it may give you an idea whether it will help you to get a BSN, or if you'll be fine with the ASN. If you're planning on working at the bedside for a while as a staff RN, you most likely will not make more money with a BSN vs. ASN.
  4. by   Jules A
    My LPN to ADN program was a mini mester and 2 regular semesters so about 9 months total. I applied to a LPN to BSN program also and that would have taken me about 2 years. Still not bad but I wanted my RN faster. I'm working toward my BSN now because I want to eventually get my Masters. I don't want to do anything management wise and probably wouldn't bother with my BSN if I didn't want to teach but thats just my personal opinion. Good luck.
  5. by   Racquel824
    Are you in the Atlanta area?
  6. by   Divemaster
    I'v been told that if your an LPN you save time and money by going strait for RN B verses going for Assosiate first then going for Bach. ... Any opinions??
  7. by   Wandie
    Jules A, what school did you attend? Were there any entrance exams or waiting lists?
  8. by   BEspn
    Hi! Can you tell me more about going from LPN to RN online, please? Anything you can tell me would be great.
  9. by   amakababy25
    jules a please can you tell me the name of the rn school you attended? alittle more information will also be great.