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Hi Everyone, I am currently an LPN student here in Tampa. I was wondering if there's anyone out there who can tell me where is the best school around here to bridge over my LPN course to RN? ... Read More

  1. by   didi768
    Mrsz, what did you decide to do? I never did sign up for classes to finish my RN degree. Still in pre-req mode and just not sure what to do period! I hear it's much easier to go from LPN to RN at HCC but still based on your grades. Way less competitive though than going straight to your RN.
  2. by   Nurse33606
    This school is NOT REGIONALLY ACCREDITED!!!!! Therefore, if you are planning on continuing your education (LPN TO RN, RN TO BSN) after completing the program there YOU CAN NOT TRANSFER ANY CREDITS TO ATTEND ANOTHER SCHOOL... YOU WILL HAVE TO RETAKE CLASSES AT A COMMUNITY COLLEGE OR ANY SCHOOL REGIONALLY ACCREDITED!!!!!!! You will be paying to attend the school and be able to sit for your boards but anyone planning on going on for a Bachelors Degree and further should use their financial aid elsewhere!!!!

    This school only gives an APPLIED SCIENCE degree.. NOT AN ASSOCIATES DEGREE!

    Think about where you'll be later paying back financial aid and not being able to show credit for the work you've done.
  3. by   didi768
    Which school?
  4. by   Epb2011
    For accredited colleges in Florida, check this link. Galen is not in there

  5. by   Epb2011
    Responding to didi768, HCC is an accredited school, you need a gpa of 4 or + to get in.
    I am considering Keiser (RN Program) I don't know the cost, and PTEC in Pinellas for LPN to later bridge to RN, I am also changing careers and attend school while working full time, it's not easy to find a part-time RN program, in the Tampa Bay area only HCC has it and classes start at 5pm. Does anyone knows of another credited school for RN part time program?
    Thank you,
  6. by   mrsz1968
    Previous poster, that is not true. If you head over to the HCC board you will see some people have been accepted into HCC with 3.6 and higher. You definitely do NOT need a 4.0 GPA, A high one, yes, perfect, no.
  7. by   DowntheRiver
    Just so you guys know, Galen was given Candidate status through SACSCOC. That means they moved past applicant status and into the candidate period. They just have to demonstrate a few more principles and they should gain initial accreditation! If you don't believe me check the website. I've done a lot of research on this topic.
  8. by   didi768
    again, i am late and confused hehe. ok. if i want to attend galen to get my ans from an lpn, credits will not transfer later should i pursue a 4 yr. rn degree correct? that doesn't matter to me being i'll be dead before i ever finish my lpn to rn (ans) anyway. i have no desire to be a 4 yr. rn or go further than a 2 yr. rn. so in my case, accredidation really wouldn't matter right?
    second q: i don't want to go to hcc to get all my pre-reqs first. however, i did take the english and 1 math class that now doesn't even count anyway ugh being it was over 5 yrs. ago. is there any real school in the tampa bay area (or online school anywhere) i can go to that will teach me the anatomy/micro right there? i will never get a 4.0 on pre-reqs at another college anyway due to my horrible memory anyway, just being real here! i barely passed a&p at hcc and dropped the class over 6 yrs. ago now.
    also fyi...i was told by hcc years ago that if you are doing the lpn to rn there, your gpa does not matter. that it mainly mattered if you were going for your 2 or 4 yr. rn...not bridging over from lpn to rn.
    i hope i make sense. if not, ignore me.
  9. by   BinksWife
    Didi, You might take a look at St Pete College. They have a multitude of online classes including A&P and Microbiology. Where there's a will there's a way!