Long commute worth it??

  1. I am debating on trying to get into a LPN - RN program that is 82 miles away from me one way. There is another program a tad bit closer but really hard to get into from what I hear. Has anyone else made a commute this long, is it worth it? I am a single mom and I wonder how that kind of drive would affect me...
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    What affect the drive has on you will be specific to you and your circumstances. I had a two hour drive to work and an hour and a half home drive for two years. I didn't mind much in the beginning, but I began to dread it near the end.
    In my case, it wasn't the driving, but the lack of driving ...much of my time was spent sitting or driving less than 20mph on the highway. If there had been less traffic, I would have probably tolerated it longer.
    I did end up buying a more luxurious car with an upgraded stereo system early on. I never cared too much about cars until I started spending so much time in mine!!
  4. by   BeautyandBrain
    I'm planning to start a LPN to ADN
    Program thats 295 miles from me I'll drive twice a week. I Drove pretty far for my LPN program as well you can do it!! You may find someone in your program who commutes to that you can carpool with and use that time to study by listening to lectures I would record what I would put on my flash cards and pause to give myself time to answer and it helps
  5. by   jennifertierney
    Hi! Thanks for the comment. I think it would be a little easier if I didn't have two small children. It may be the only program to go to in my area though so I may have to make it work. Thanks for the advice!