Job placement of Jersey College

  1. Hey, my fellow nurse sisters and nurse brothers I need your help! I'm thinking about attending Jersey College in Fort Lauderdale and I wanted to know what is job placement like? I am going for their RN program. I heard Broward Health hired all 20 graduates of Broward Colleges' nursing program. But I can't seem to find info on Jersey College graduates. How easy was it to get the job that you wanted?
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  3. by   ms.piggy98
    I HEAR they are getting hired in hospitals also. There is a lady where I'm doing my lpn course who just got her degree and passed the exit exam, which most ppl say is very hard at Jersey college. She also said the exit is very hard, need a 925 to pass. But there pass rates for nclex is just as high as Broward colleges' and they are a candidate for accreditation by the ACEN. I'm also looking into this school but I hear the price for tuition will make your knees weak!