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Hi, all! I'm actually visiting from the RN Nursing Student forum. I'm trying to find out something for my daughter. Her high school offers a 2 year LPN program for their students. She is a Sophomore... Read More

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    Quote from DonaldJ
    That's pretty awesome, but kind of scary at the same time. "Traditional" nursing school theory and practice is to mentally beat the crap out of students so that they either drop out or pass with flying colors. I'm not so sure that that would fit well with high school. That would just be way too much stress.

    On the other hand, if it's taught at a high school level with a high school mentality, those nurses just won't make it in the real world.

    I hope that they have some way of balancing the high school mentality with nursing school mentality.

    But, regardless, I think that's a great opportunity.

    I, too have the same worries as you. I talked to the director of the program, Dr. Webb, and she seems very nice. From what I've been reading about the program, it's had very good results. There's even been some pregnant teens and many high risk students from low income neighborhoods that have completed the program and have gotten excellent jobs. The program is very respected here and has a high completion rate. I think this is because they still understand that these are "high school" students nonetheless. Although they only want competitive, motivated, focused students- it is understood that these students will have to balance their high school studies with the LPN course load- so they only desire students that want this badly and want an opportunitiy at a better life. I think it also helps that the program is 2 years long rather than only 1 year. The students have a lot of mentoring and help along the way. Oh- and 85% of those that completed the program went on to get their RN
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    Quote from Tanzanite
    Does the LPN course satisfy the H.S credits for graduation, or is this in addition to H.S graduation requirements?
    No, it's actually in addition to their high school credits. And like the post above, they are bussed to another location after their regular high school day is over to attend the program.
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    I only have two words DO IT !! They started this program in Broward County (Fl) the year AFTER I graduated from HS and while I spent my $2,000 paying for it some of my classmates went for free. I dont feel too bad because TWO of my nieces are in it and will graduate HS/LPN in 2008. It is an excellent place to be in and if she goes to college she could opt to 1. support herself and graduate with NO DEBT (the only truly valuable goal for youg people these days) or 2.Take out some loans and work 1-2 shifts per week. The studying might be alot now but an 18 year old brain and body can take it and the extra work will keep her busy. TOO busy for other things that may not be good for her. DO IT !!