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  1. by   jaticotravel
    I can say Stanbridge was the best choose I made to be on an LVN program, comparison to other schools which I did my research prior on enrolling to Stanbrige, this school met my satisfaction and yet as all we can say it's not perfect, of course every school has there goods and bads but Standbridge still excell to my expectation. You can just look at the California Boards and view all the school passing rate, you can see there that no matter what other says those numbers can't lie, compare to other schools... 36% passing rate, wow!!!! Scary!!!

    I was on the PT first term program and now to a Full Time track (believe me that was a crazy transition, having two kids, wife, and a full time job) in a couple of weeks we are taking our 3rd Term Finals which is ATI.... (good luck to me)

    Another than that GOOD LUCK TO EVERY AND GOD SPEED!!!!

  2. by   OCstudent1
    Hi, hopefully someone can answer this for me soon...
    I just enrolled in Stanbridge and start May 17, but over the phone after my financial aid was figured out they told me "Remember to bring the $400 the first week"
    Ummm no one told me about this....I then talked to a financial aid rep and she swore she mentioned this in our meeting, which maybe she did, maybe she didn't.
    Supposedly the $400 covers the initial cost of the books and materials given to us during the intro week, since they don't receive the funds from our grants and loans for approx. 30 days (so they say).
    To me this sounds super I asked if it will be returned to us after they receive our financial aid and she said the $400 IS returned to us in a check when they receive financial aid.
    Can someone tell me is this true? Did they charge this to you and then return it like promised?
    Thank you!
  3. by   QB106

    I am a current Stanbridge student and go part time mon&wed. They charged me this fee you mentioned, but it was $500 (maybe they have now dropped it to $400...) it was my "down payment" so im not sure if its the same fee, but i didnt get it refunded because it counted toward my uncovered costs and tuition. because of the high rate of students who only sign up for the laptop and itouch, maybe theyve added this fee... heres my advice: get something in writing saying that you're going to get this back. there HAS TO BE something in one of these many documents that you're signing that mentions that you will get this money back, have the aid find it and highlight it. if she cant provide this to you, this simple statement that you will surely receive the money back, SIGNED, then tell her that sounds fishy to you- because it is!! Good luck!! and let us know what happens- i for one and curious to know!
  4. by   QB106
    Quote from Blessed2beStressed
    yeah today was our FIRST clinical at the skills lab. it was fun...hehe....lots of bed making, handwashing and sterile field gloves....tomorrow we get to bath each other. did you guys have to do this? some of the people in our class freaked a little with the concept. i honestly don't see what the issue is...we will be fully clothed with shorts and a tank, and we will not do private parts (of course!!!).

    was this your first on sight clinical? do you mean you were only there half the day and then back to school? how did it go? are you enjoying this journey? and oh, they did confirm to our class that we are the ones that they have decided to add MATH along with the other curriculums. so we have lots of math ahead in this term, we did some today and will have more to come.

    math is not my strong point, but i am glad to know that we are being eased into it so that by the time we get to dosage calcs I won't feel so rusty.

    do you guys go tomorrow too? yeah miss Sandy is very nice.
    hey B2BS- curious to know how everything is going for you so far..??!
  5. by   citcollege
    i think this is a great college too...
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