Does the school make the difference?

  1. I apologize if this is a dead topic as I am new to these boards.
    However, I am an LPN and I cannot wait to be able to start my classes to be an RN. I went to a vocational school for my LPN, not a college.

    Do you guys think there is a difference in the school you go to as far as getting a good job is concerned? I was thinking about going to a community college. However, are there better options for an ASN degree (RN)? I mean, will my prospective employer look at my resume with a sneer because it says Community College or something?( I personally think community college is great and I'm not puuting anyone down who attends there!) What other school options are there? Are there any strictly nursing school that provide the two year nursing degree?
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  3. by   LanaBanana
    Your 2 year degree (ADN) will be at a community college, except for a few colleges/universities that offer ADNs. No one sneers at the fact that you did community college and I think the majority of the RNs out in the field went to community colleges. Some community colleges also offer LPN programs or the students can take the NCLEX-PN after completing the first year of the program, but most LPNs went to vocational/technical schools. That's where I'm going now. Best thing to look for is NLN accreditation.
  4. by   KatieKt
    Oh OK, thanks for your reply. Good luck with your schooling.
  5. by   tirzo13
    In california it does not seem like anyone cares.
    some places may pay BSN slightly more, BSN and MSN may get more management offers.
    but after you get your RN, you have plenty of time to get your BSN/MSN or MBA.
    i know many nurse managers who are ADN with a MBA too.
    I suggest getting into what ever RN program takes you.
    do well in school.
    pass the test.]
    then advance your education after.
  6. by   PMFB-RN
    Please read my message on page two of "30 unit option very tempting". It might be helpful.