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hi everyone. i was wondering if any knows if i can take the lpn exam in new jersey after i my first year of an rn program... i am currently in a school that i really can not stand.. i would like to... Read More

  1. by   Prettyladie
    i wonder why they would tell you no. i know here in texas you can..
  2. by   oldfashionedlove
    I am trying to find someone I can speak directly over the phone. I received an e-mail stating that we are unable to do so. I tried calling again today but I cant find someone to directly say so. I am not going to get my hopes up. then I get depressed. I am 41 I just simply want a new career. I did not think it was going to be so difficult to obtain
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  3. by   DaFreak71
    Washington state allows RN students to sit for the NCLEX-PN once they have completed fundamentals/med surg/psych and OB. In Washington you just have to send in your transcript and a letter from your program director stating that you are safe to practice in the role of a LPN.

    I live in Washington and just took my LPN test even though I finished all but a few months of a A.D.N. program (moved across the country). I live on the border of Washington and Oregon and the thing that is tricky is that I cannot get endorsed over to Oregon (where there a lot more jobs in the Metro area) until I am a R.N. Another thing that sort of sucks is that I have to work 1000 hours as a LPN before I can enter a bridge program in my state. Oh thing at a time.

    At least I was able to take the test and I'll get my results back on Thursday. Thank God Washington has the quick results function with Pearson Vue. YAY!
  4. by   kcochrane
    Quote from Prettyladie
    i wonder why they would tell you no. i know here in texas you can..

    This is the information on why NYS doesn't:

    • As a result of curricular changes in registered professional nursing programs, the fourth semester of the program may contain all of the didactic and clinical assignments related to certain content areas such as obstetrical or psychiatric nursing, for example. Students not taking this last semester and licensed as LPNs under the 2-EQ option, therefore, might have little or no contact in these areas. We have concluded that the assumption of substantial equivalence can no longer be supported.
    • Persons licensed as LPNs under this option have had no content on the differentiated scope of practice of LPNs and RNs and therefore do not know how to practice as an LPN.
    • Individuals so licensed are not able to be licensed in other jurisdictions as the requirement in other states is for completion of an LPN program.
    • This option is not available in any of the 47 professions regulated by the Department.