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Hello! I have recently applied to Albany State University, formerly Darton State College, for the Fall 2017 LPN to RN Bridge. Just wanted to see if anyone else on here has applied? What were... Read More

  1. by   Rednurse16
    Hey everyone! Just checking in to see how you were coming along with all the stuff that needs to be done. I noticed they just put up the uniform link. Still nothing on typhon. Frustrating.
  2. by   Taylorlucas1117
    Hey! I was accepted to this program for Fall 2017 & I emailed the department on 9/8/17 and was told that they are still working on the Typhon login information and that they would email everyone's login when it was available.
  3. by   mt218
    Hey everyone!
    I got into the bridge for this fall! Can't wait to meet everyone! Maybe we can work out a car pool. Seems like everyone is coming from a long way off. Im in Gray, Ga. 2 hours away
  4. by   Favor18
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  5. by   Chelle90
    @aliciaw_08 Hey! Did a spot ever become available for you? Im currently on the waiting list for Spring 2018 just wanted to see what my chances were of a seat actually becoming available. Im trying to just not get upset and realize at least I can still apply for summer semester u know.
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  6. by   Chelle90
    Quote from aliciaw_08
    But I guess it's better than getting a denial letter. So I'm going to take this time to take a break and focus on retaking the TEAS exam. I originally scored a 70, but I guess I need to have at least a77because I see it on here and have heard it from several other classmates. My GPA IS 3.5. I won't stop now, I'll keep striving. ☺️
    Yes I said the same thing I guess its better than being a denial letter. I have to retake my teas in January so I will just focus on doing that bc im sure that's why I got waitlisted I made a 65.3 bare minimum. So I wont give up either ill just strive harder. I was just wanting to ask had you applied for the next semester and did u get in?
  7. by   aliciaw_08
    No, they sent me a letter in the mail and told me to apply for the spring 2018 program, I filled it out and sent it back and I got my acceptance letter like 3weeks later.
  8. by   idasavealife
    Will you be coming to the summer 2018 semester at Albany State University?
  9. by   idasavealife
    Will you be coming to ASU summer 2018?