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  1. Is there anyone out there that has been successful in nursing school, and has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and or LD?
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  3. by   IWILL262
    I am a pre-nursing student who is very close to finishing my prereq's. I just did a search for "ADD" in hopes of finding some insight to some of the things that I am struggling with in school that I think may be signs of ADD. So I am also curious how others are dealing with their ADD and/or learning disability issues while trying to maintain such high academic standards that nursing school requires.

    Specifically some of my issues are distractibility and inability to focus or stay on task for any length of time (makes studying for any length of time very difficult). My mind just seems to race for no apparent reason. In the early terms of my prereq's this wasn't as much of an issue because I am a pretty intelligent person and have been able, until recently to get by in my general ed. courses and receive A's without a huge amount of effort. But once the science courses hit, A&P and Micro specifically, I am just really struggling to earn the high grades.

    The issue of distractibility, difficulty concentrating and focusing have been areas that have been hard for me since I was a kid. I have managed to work around some of these weak spots in the working world. But now I am seeing that the reason that I didn't succeed in college the first itme around years ago is for many of the same reasons I am struggling now. So I guess this isn't a new problem, but it is just that I would like to finally be able to get a grasp on it where it concerns my academic achievement. It feels like all too familiar stumbling block rearing it's ugly head in my life yet again as I struggle to meet important academic goals required for a nursing career.
  4. by   addymo
    Yes I have ADD and I'm also Dyslexia. I have been very successful and I'm at the top of my class. Just keep in mind, it is not something that should hold anyone back, it should simple push you forward and work harder than the rest! I've even pre-qualified to being my BSN early before my completeion of my ADN. I'll graduate in May with only six classes left for my bachlors. And believe me, if I can do it, anyone can.(I know that is a lame saying!) But I know how easy it can be to say you can't do it because of learning "issues". I used it for seven years as an LPN for an excuse not to go back to school.