Acceptable scores for the NLN ACE(challenge) 1 PN to RN exam?

  1. Hello fellow nurse buddies. I don't know how many of you braved out this grueling NLN ACE PN to RN challenge exam used as criteria for acceptance into transition programs LPN to the RN program at colleges. I just sat for it this morning, and 2.5 hrs later felt the lowest I ever have in the 3 yrs post graduating LPN school. I've been rolling along feeling pretty darn competent in all the diverse jobs I have had, and felt it might be the right direction for me to go ahead and get back in and try to get my RN degree.

    My question here is, for those who have taken this 187 question exam that leaves you feeling like road kill; is there a ball park score that you know of that usually indicates you have passed? Or maybe even a close to passing score? You aren't told what the score is that they want, only a print out of the national median "norms" percentiles. Based on 100%, I averaged and found the national norm low to be 75%. Would then a person scoring a 72% not be acceptable? A lady friend took it last year and she made a 75% and was accepted into the LPN-RN bridge program. I on the other hand walked out of there with only a 70%!! and felt as though while I was taking it that I was doing pretty good. Mortified when I saw that score. To me it was more of a trick bag than the NCLEX state board. I can't make heads or tails of it now. I just wish when I was handed the print out of my score the proctor could have told me it's good or it's no good. She told me to make sure I turn in my nursing program application and the essay as I was leaving. Why?? tell a person to do all that app packet stuff if she saw how bad my score was? Any test takers out there know what I mean, and what do you think is a passing score. I feel some impulsive retail therapy coming on. I'm really in a funk over this.
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  3. by   driven, LPN
    Yea that exam was super hard for me also I got a 74 on the mental health and I take 2 more sections tomorrow. Wish me luck and did u get into your program
  4. by   kimberly roberts
    I took it on Dec 20 and I am still waiting on my score. I hv been a LPN for 10 years & felt pretty good about it until I tested. I felt like the test resembled the PN state board test. I did not study before hand because I was told it would cover general nursing. I work with special need peds & did not know how unprepared I really was.
  5. by   LPN709
    I know this post is a little old but I agree! I took the test a couple months ago and felt bad about it after leaving. It was harder than the nclex to me, as well. I ended up making an 86 on it.