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Hello everyone. I am supposed to start the LPN bridge program at Jersey College in February. I met with a counselor at the school and one of the first things I asked was if I would be able to work anywhere in the US as an RN and they said I would. A co worker of mine said that they are not regionally accredited so I can only work in the state of FL. Any Jersey College grads can verify this for me? Tha ks everyone


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They can work anywhere in the US provided they get licensed by the state – either directly through taking nclex in the state or through reciprocity. ​

Florida is not a compact state which means you would have to apply for licensure again in the state you choose to work either by endorsement or retaking the NCLEX in that state. Most states BON criteria is that you graduate from an accredited OR APPROVED school of nursing. Jersey is not regionally accredited but they are approved by the Florida BON. When you go to endorse your license in another state you should have no problems with the process. Now whether employers choose to hire you over someone that graduated from an accredited program is a different argument.

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This school seems to get the job of retaining and graduating nursing students done. Look them up at (collegescorecard.ed.gov).

Accreditation really centers around the transference of credits. These days it is no way the good housekeeping seal of approval for any post secondary colleges and universities. Some of the poorest performing schools in terms of horrendous G/R rates actually have what is generally considered respectable or Department of Education sanctioned accreditation. Two now defunct for -profit schools ITT tech and Corinthian had what was considered respectable accreditation and you must know what happened to them.

So because this school is nationally accredited in the academic sense your credits will most likely not be accepted by a school that is regionally accredited.

Why should this be so? It has to do with the fact that there is a turf war going on for the accrediting fee that these bodies charge and simply put they just don't play well together.

But the previous posters are right. The license you obtain by going to this school and passing the NCLEX will be the same all over.

But have you considered the CC route to save money?