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I really need help on deciding on a college to do the bridge program. I got information on this college and I am wondering should I go for it...has anyone got any advice good or bad information on this college. I like the fact that it is all online and semi quick. I am 39 finished lpn in April of last year...so do I even go back???? I am so indecisive....sometimes when I think of school and clinical I want to cry...it was hard for LPN let alone going back. Now I work for a Home Health agency and make great money and have minimal paperwork with great pay...so what is in it for me???? Is it just that I feel inadequate even though I know that I am a good nurse. ??? Any input on this college or school in general would be great ...Thanks.

I have been an LPN for 30 years and have never wanted to obtain an RN degree. Of course, back then, jobs for LPNs were much easier to come by than they are now. If you are happy in your current job, I would re-evaluate your situation in a year or so. You might be more responsive to continuing your education at that time. Good luck with whatever you decide.:smokin:

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While I am not a student at Rio Grande, I did do research on this program before choosing to go another direction.

Rio Grande has a good reputation, and the people that I know who are in the program are pleased with it. They tell me it's a bit more difficult than they thought an on-line program would be. They also mention that the clinical experiences are at sites within a certain radius of the school. For example, one person I know had to drive to Chillicothe from Columbus (About an hour drive) for clinical one a week.

Also, because Rio Grande is a state school with all the proper accreditations, your credits will transfer to other schools should you decide to go on for your BSN.

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