LPN to RN bridge after attending "for profit college" Ohio


I graduated from a for profit college, and want to pursue my registered nurse degree. Unfortunately none of the colleges around here except credits from my school, and excelsior is too far away to drive once a week from Toledo. does anyone know of any online colleges or colleges near Toledo that offer an lpn to rn degree where you only need your LPN license, with no transferred credits required? unfortunately my school did not tell me none of their credits transfer, any help would be greatly appreciated!


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You should really actually talk with a rep from Excelsior, why on earth would you drive there weekly? I haven't heard of any LPN to RNBridge program being on line. I would also suggest you asking this question on the distance forum-that has tons of info on these types of programs.


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Sorry i'm new here, I was told you had to go to clinicals once a week at excelsior, no?


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My understanding of excelsior is that the program can be completed completely online and there is no traditional clinical requirement. That being said, the program does culminate with a three-day clinical exercise called the CPNE which takes place in only certain locations around the country. Once you pass the CPNE, you are done with the program. But a caveat, the CPNE is very expensive, I have heard very difficult, and travel expenses are on the student. If you decide to go the Excelsior route, be prepared- the CPNE itself is 2035 plus travel expenses each time you take it. I know I couldn't afford to fail.

Also, because Excelsior is a testing-based program, you cannot get federal financial aid to help with costs. You can use private student loans, though. For myself, just needing the nursing courses (I have all the co-reqs) I am looking at a total of 6700.00 not including study materials or travel expenses for the CPNE. If money is an issue, you may be better off looking in other places.

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You do not need to attend weekly clinical classes when pursuing your RN through Excelsior.

Here is a link to information about the program:

Excelsior College | Program Details

You will also find information about the program and postings from current students in the Excelsior section under the COLLEGES tab here on All Nurses


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Excelsior would be an option that might work for you. You do not drive to clinicals once a week. You study the material on your own, completely self-paced, and then "test out" of the nursing courses when you feel ready. After all your tests are complete, you take the CPNE that was described above--a 3-day clinical "test out" experience. I've tried to do this program a couple of times but you have to be very self-motivated. Many have done the program with great success. It all depends on what kind of learner you are. I just do not study well without deadlines, coursework, etc.

I personally am going through Indiana State University's online LPN-BSN program. That may be an option for you as well. It's accepted in the state of Ohio (I'm from the Cincinnati area), and all your coursework is online. Your clinicals are set up in the area you live in, with a preceptor, that the school helps you arrange. You do need quite a few prereqs for the program, but you can take them online through Ivy Tech State College (they have an agreement with Indiana State Univ.) or you can take them online or in the classroom at any accredited college of your choice. You can also "test out" of them using CLEP tests, and there is a newer online option called Straighterline that ISU accepts (I only need two prereqs and I am doing them through Straighterline--very cheap, easy, and quick way to do prereqs). There are also a few other programs in Ohio where your coursework is online and you drive to clinicals 1-2 days a week. I know Chamberlain has a program like that, as well as Univ. of Rio Grande. Check them out, call and talk to them, and then make your choice! Good luck!