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I am currently in US on a dependent Visa with my spouse in California. I am interested in RN course. I don't have my graduation in medical subjects. So instead of choosing for Pre Requists I want to go for LPN/LVN course first. Here in CA fee is quite high. From one college when I inquired about fee, they told me $34000 for LVN/LPN course that will be for 11 months.

Can somebody suggest me some other colleges where the fee for LVN/LPN course is less, both in California and other states.

Moreover I am living in US for more than 2 years, Can I be considered resident student not an international student as fee will be quite less in that case.

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If you move to another state as a student I think you will find fees are a bit higher than in the state you reside in. You really need to check with the school re fees but I should image if resident for a few years you shouldn't have to pay International fees


Thanks for your views. When i enquired about fee over here in CA. One college told me that it will be $33500 and other college told me $28000 . So should it be really this much in other states also.



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Each state and even schools will have their own fees and I have seen people post on how if from out of state the fees are different than if a resident in the state. The only sure way is for you to contact schools yourself and ask them about their fees and whether you would be considered a resident or International student

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