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Does anyone know of a good LPN program in Southern Ohio. I dont care for the school I am at now (on waiting list) I have all of the required classes before the LPN program.



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What area of Southern Ohio?


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I am between Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio


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I live in the Dayton area and the schools here I know of are RETS, Hondros, and Miami Valley Career Technology Center. I heard of one in Xenia called Ohio Holistic or something like that but I heard it was going out of business. Oh, also I think Miami-Jacobs has an LPN program but I think at one point that had lost part of their accredidation. I don't remember the whole story.

In Cincinnati I also know there's Butler Tech which I have heard only good things about. It's on route 4 kind of close to Hamilton.

I just graduated from RETS in Centerville.

The best place to look for a complete list of schools is on Ohio's BON website.

Good luck!

I am wanting to know more information regarding the workkey test for admission to MVCTC LPN program!


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I am in NE Ohio and had to take the work keys test to get into the LPN program at the TCTC. The school offered a website that you could go to and practice the questions. It helped many of my friends out. I will try to find out the website and get back with you. You can also go to Testpreview.com and they have tests that you can practice on also. Just take a couple deep breaths before taking it and you will do fine. Just know your math and reading skills. It is timed and you must answer so many correct. DO NOT LEAVE ANY EMPTY even if you have to guess!

I wish you the best - but you will do fine!:)

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