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What are some schools that offer good LPN programs in the state? Any tips on getting in? I plan on getting my CNA this semester to give me a better chance for admission. My GPA is alright but not the best (3.7) so I'm afraid to apply for a BSN program. I probably won't get in since I don't have any experience. I've read that it's much easier to bridge from LPN to RN.

Any advice is much appreciated :)


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I think you would get into an RN program just fine. 3.7 is a great GPA. Have you looked at any RN programs?


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I'm thinking about applying at ASU and maybe start looking at schools in Little Rock. Its kind of hard because most of the ones I looked at require different pre-reqs. Have you applied to any yet?

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I know this post is old, but did you ever apply to any program? Were you accepted?


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I went to Baptist Health Schools of Nursing for my LPN training. They're a good school and make sure you know your stuff. It's a very hard school though. You have to have at least 77% to get a C. My class started out with about 87 students and by graduation day we only had 57 left.


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Figure skating lpn may I ask what did you score on the ACT ??

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