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LPN Program-RN Program

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I am looking for some advice... I just found out about a brand new LPN program at my community college. I have already applied for the RN program for Fall 2008. When I talked to the department head about the LPN program she told me to apply to both and take what I can get. The LPN will start in January of 2008, go one year and then you can take the bridge course and start the 2nd year of RN. So, it turns out to be extra semester.

If you get accepted into the LPN program you have to take your name off of the application list for the RN program. The LPN will send out acceptance letters in October the RN in March.

So, what does everyone think??! If I get into the LPN should I do it? Even though I know I want to be an RN. I would hate to take my name off of the list because what if I actually got in??!! As we all know it is so challenging to get into a 2 year RN program! I am done with all my pre-reqs except Micro and Nutrition, which I am taking this fall.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Do hospitals even hire LPN's? I can't seem to find many opportunities for them but, I might be looking in the wrong places.



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hospitals here in southern ill hire LPN. I would just go with your gut filling

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If it were me, I would stick with the RN application first go around. Then, if not accepted, apply to both at your next opportunity. How strong an applicant are you? If you do not feel that you are as competitive as others for the RN program, then it might be better to go the LPN route first. Good luck with your decision.

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