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I'm going to be attending a full-time LPN program in January. I can't get a pell grant because the government says my father makes too much money (I'm 22). My school, a technical school, does not accept federal Stafford loans. My school is not listed on Sallie Mae's website as an approved institution so I guess I can't take out a Sallie Mae loan. Are there any other good private loans out there for technical school students?

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My friend obtained a private student loan from Chase Bank in order to pay for the tuition at an LPN-to-RN bridge program at a trade school. If you have good credit and/or a willing cosigner, this might be an option for you.


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I would also advise you to look into applying for scholarships if you havent already? I think one of the most popular scholarship websites is fastweb. You would be surprised of the simple requirements for some scholarships....I wish you well!


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There's also the WIA grant that you can get through your local Workforce Solutions Center. It will pay for your tuition, books, gas, and NCLEX exam. Best of luck to you!


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I know in this state you can get a grant for vocational school that will pay for the program almost entirely. It is funds generated by the state lottery and there are no income requirements on it, but they'd let you know about something like that when you filled out your FAFSA.

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