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Hi, I am getting nervous wondering if I will get accepted into the PN Program at my school. I have a 3.9 GPA, but I scored a 66% on my TEAS, on both attempts. Since I scored the same on my second attempt of the TEAS, I'm not sure if I will retake the test again because I have the grade I need to get into the program. Other students who are applying for the program might have a higher TEAS score than I do. I don't know how they determine who gets into the program or not, and I am worried if what I have is enough. Does anyone have any advice? Is anyone applying for the PN program at Chattahoochee Technical College?

Why not just check with a counselor about the admissions criteria and what they have typically been accepting? What GPA do typical applicants have?

I met with my healthcare advisor in March. She did encourage me to retake the TEAS and apply for the ADN program since I have all the prerequisites. Where I am at now, I want to get my PN first then do a bridge program. Since I am applying for Spring 2019, she told me that not many students apply for that semester compared to fall and that I would be considered competitive for the spring application. She did not inform me on what the range of GPA applicants they have.

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