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I will be starting a LPN to RN transition program this spring, I need advice from other LPN's that work in Nursing homes. I am thinking about taking a PRN position in a local Nursing home. I feel that this will be great for me to continue to my education- but I also want to make sure that I get enough hours each week? I have never worked in LTC but I love the elderly...Please post all advice related to this---Thank you!!

I'd look instead for a part time job that left you enough time for school while also having a guaranteed number of hours each week.

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A part time position, if available, would give you a regular/set number of hours and days and may work well while you're in school...PRN is good but may get cancelled and have no guarantee of hours...maybe work PRN at more than one facility to make sure you have steady work and communicate regularly with the scheduler...LTC is generally a good learning environment and experience with no two days being the same and building clinical, organization and time management skills...best wishes to you: )

Thank you for your responses-

Do either of you work in LTC?

I do. Personally, I'm not a big fan of PRN jobs. I need the security of steady hours. And if I need extra money, I can always pick up an extra shift as a CNA or as a LPN where I work. For a while I had my job plus worked PRN at the county jail. I quit the PRN job because it made more sense to just pick up extra at my full time job and rack up the over time. In your case, I'm sure you coud pick up extra shifts during school breaks, and just do PT during classes. That's what I did.

Any tips for working in LTC? This will be new to me...

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