LPN NCLEX questions


I just finished the LPN program and am going to take the exam soon. I have a couple study books and am confused by the Kaplan one. I was told that LPNs cannot assess. We can data collect only, but there are several questions in this book where the answer is an assessment answer.

An edited example: an LPN cares for a CVA patient, what actions are appropriate for this client.

1. Assess ability to swallow

this was listed as correct. But again, I was told that LPNs don't assess and the use of that word, in addition to several others like teach or instruct, are clues that that answer is wrong.

Someone please enlighten me?

Or is this for the RN NCLEX testing where the RN is choosing which patient to assign TO the LPN? I am going on for my RN and we did discuss delegation.