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lpn move to ft lauderdale

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Hi! I'm moving from Chicago where I've been an lpn in ltc for 3 years. I'm 23 y/o I'm moving to ft Lauderdale the end of this summer and Im I'm concerned about how much of a pay cut I'm abt to suffer (I mke 23 here which is perfect to me) and I was wondering if someone could tell me on average how much a lpn makes in ltc setting and homehealth. Thanks in advance!!

dont know how much you are used to getting paid howver the rates around here are $20.00 for nursing home where you get like 30 patients.., and founding the job as well is not easy


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Hello! I live in the area and have worked 3 years in hospice, now I work in home health and like that better. Anyway to answer your question about pay, I made only 16.25 in hospice, 12-13 hours with one patient each shift. Home health visits here pay $15 per visit for insulin, $18-20 per visit for wound care and other types of visits. Nursing homes as mentioned pay $20 per hour or so, but you have to deal with HUGE patient loads like 30-40 patients or so depending on the shift time. Home health here at least in my own experience pays no benifits though, at all and no millage, although someone told me there is a hospice company that gives u a company car to use for the shorter visits. I have no problem getting home health work, but it does take some time to find agencies that have plenty of work, and you may have to work for more than one agency to get work. I got lucky and have enough work at one agency. Best of luck!