Undecided to go to LPN School

  1. Hello Everyone:

    I applied for an RN program, and was accepted last year, but didn't go at that time due to family reasons.

    Now I'm accepted by a private LPN school, tuition is 11K. It is a 12 month evening program. I can keep my day time work, so the financial stress will be less.

    I'm just worried about if I would be able to get a job easily after graduate. I don't mind doing weekend/evening jobs. I am thinking if I could not find a job right after, then my 11K tuition will be gone, and the time wasted too. But if I could find a job easily, I will be happy to go.

    The school said the job market is good, but I do not trust words from them though. Do anybody who has any idea about job market for new LPN graduate? I live in Northern New Jersey, very close to New York City.

    I appreciate any reply and many thanks.
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  3. by   Jules A
    I would post this also in the New Jersey and New York section for a more specific answer. My guess would be that as in most states jobs in LTC are plentiful if you aren't into that it can be a little harder. Good luck, Jules
  4. by   TheCommuter
    The easiest way to unscientifically assess the LPN job market in your area would involve obtaining a local Sunday newspaper and scanning the employment advertisements for any and all current LPN job openings. If there appears to be numerous job openings, then the market for LPNs is good in your area.