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MAN!! I took the NCLEX PN today and it was REALLY BAD!!! I don't see how I could possibly have passed that thing! I don't want to scare anybody out there who hasn't taken it...but I really didn't... Read More

  1. by   scoobydoo32
    Quote from mslewc
    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Well I took my NCLEX exam today and it was also really bad I cried coming out of the enterprise building there was a minimum of 85 ? to 205 ? My computer shut off at 90 ?'s I am so upset all that hard work in school for me to fail! goodbye $200 exam fee:uhoh21:
    i feel the same way took mine to on weds it cut off at u know how i am feeling i am so sure that i failed that i'm already saving money to retake the test.but good luck.
  2. by   nimopiba
    Quote from Jvilleredhead
    P.S.... I took the test in less than an stopped for me after 75 questions, but like I said, I don't feel like I got any of it right.

    Anybody know anything about what that could mean? It stopping so soon? I was thinking "WAIT.... I'm not done, give me some more so I have a chance to fix it!! URGHHHH!!!
    You passed! Congrats. When I took my boards the computer shut off after the minimum amount of questions and I flipped out. I swore up and down I failed but I passed and you will too.
  3. by   nimopiba
    I think that NCLEX is some sort of midevil torture device. Out of my class of 36 (4.5 yrs ago), 100% of my class passed the boards (the 1st time) in CT no matter how many (or few) questions they answered. Have faith. You didn't spend all that money to fail!