took my nclex 2day........ahhhhhhhhhh - page 3

i just took my nclex 2day. i stopped @ 85. I rilly studied for this test but when i got in the testing center i couldnt remember anything that i've studied.:( :( :( totally i had some easy questions... Read More

  1. by   NikkyLPN
    Congrats!!! I passed as well!!!
  2. by   SweetVen
    waffo!!! congrat's to you 2 (nsgstudent4life)...
  3. by   baylay
    Quote from SweetVen
    '@_@"congrats to baby kay,renee hywd, toeleah and the people who recently passed their Nclex. I live in ca. so it will takes 2-3 weeks before we get our result.
    I live in CA also and am taking the NCLEX in 2 wks. To have to wait that long is going to kill me!

    I noticed on the Board of Vocational Nursing website (gov.) by typing in a name you can search for a license. Can we do that after testing in order to beat the snail mail? Just a thought. Anything to hurry up the results!
  4. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    congrats to all that passed!!! I took mine on 1-25-07, and mine shut off at 85, i seriously was ill, went outside and cried for 15min before i could even attempt the drive home. Needless to say though i did pass, and everyone in our class (small class of 20) all passed on the first shot. i feel bad for those of you that have to wait to get your results. Luckily Ohio's e-license search is GREAT and we find out w/in 24-48 hrs...if it still says pending after 48hrs though you jsut hav eto wait for the mail to come and it's a letter that says you didnt pass so that sucks. But at any rate, i hopw those of you taking it will do fine and PASS!!!! I used saunder's Nclex-pn review guide and disc and i think that the disc was WONDERFUL to help study...though i got a lot of questions about drugs that i had NEVER heard of! I just broke the questions down and the answers down and guessed when i didnt know for sure. Mine was mostly pt teaching and prioritization and drugs/interactions, where as a friend of mine said she got questions from all over the place. I guess it ends up being the luck of the draw in some cases.