TECO Interviews October 2013 Part time program

  1. Hello,

    So I just got my phone call for my interview for Thursday morning for the lpn program at TECO. Anyone else out there interviewing or interviewed already?
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  3. by   monknbeans

    That's great Nathifalr26! I have an interview on Friday. Do you know when in October the program starts?
  4. by   Nathifalr26
    Cool! They told me October 14th when I called last week.
  5. by   Nathifalr26
    I just finished my interview! I feel it went well. I'm so excited. How did you do?
  6. by   monknbeans
    I think it went well. I was really nervous. They said we should know by the end of the month. I really hope I get an acceptance letter. I think they accept 30 but I am not sure how many they were interviewing.
  7. by   EC82

    I also had my interview on Thursday! ! I feel like it went well and I'm so anxious for my letter to come! They told me they accept 25-28 students
  8. by   Nathifalr26
    Hoping for the best for all of us. I'll be checking my mail box frequently.
  9. by   EC82
    Still waiting anyone hear anything yet??
  10. by   nekozuki
    I know things might work differently since the director/daytime instructors have resigned, but typically they wait to send letters out until they have accepted enough people to start the course. Hopefully they were able to interview enough people!
  11. by   mandmmom
    She said before October, so I am hoping tomorrow or Sat.
  12. by   monknbeans
    I asked during my interview and she said end of the month to early October. I hope it soon because the orientation is mandatory and I will have to make sure my boss can give me off.
  13. by   Nathifalr26
    I got accepted!!! Yay! Apparently it's been sent already but I had to email Trina because I moved! Yay, yay, yay! I surely needed good news.
  14. by   EC82
    Just got my letter and I'm in!!!! Sosososo excited!