Question about LPN school in D.C

  1. Does anyone know about these private LPN schools in D.C. I'm considering going to one called Comprehensive Health Academy. I wanted to know if they are accredited and once done, will I be able to do an LPN-RN transition in another school. Also, when I get my Lpn, what do most schools need for you to enter their RN program; is it just your LPN license, or transcript from the LPN school you attended?
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  3. by   Jules A
    Have you checked the BON? They should have information also about their pass rates on NCLEX. Since you are in Balto. have you considered CCBC Dundalk? Most bridge programs require a current license as well as that school's pre-reqs and some want a certain amount of time working as a LPN to apply. Good luck, Jules
    P.S. there is a special area of the board devoted to the different states and you might get more individualized information if you post there.
  4. by   josinda421
    Thanks Jules, I'll be sure to on BON. I already have all of my prerequsites for the nursing program, but its just easier getting in LPN-RN route. Cause i've tried Dondulk and failed the entrance exam, so I'm tired, and just want to do this.