Ok, this is a dumb sounding question about LPN course

  1. I am currently doing biology 12 (grade 12) as a pre req for the LPN course. The 6 units included in the course are

    Cell biology-Chemistry and structre of the cell
    Cell biology-Activities of the cell
    Anatomy and physiology 1
    anatomy and physiology 2
    Reproduction and development (and cell division)

    Obviously, a sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology is needed. Reproduction and development is essential.
    Genetics, not so much.

    I'm strugging through an assignment on mitosis and meisos. How much of the "other stuff" do you really need to have a great understanding of?? Like activies of the cell, structure of the cell, genetics, cell division?

    I've really enjoyed the anatomy and physiology units, as well as reproduction and development, but everything else has really sucked!! Although I have done very well at all my assignments.

    When you start the LPN course, do you do anything with cells? Genetics? Cell division?

    I hope I don't sound too naive. I just don't enjoy that end of it and after my final exam in this course, I don't want to worry about cells again!!!

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  3. by   Jules A
    I'm sure this isn't the approach that everyone uses but here is how I think about it. I study what I need to get As, or as close as I can get to As, in the classes. It is my thought that as things go on if I need a more indepth knowledge about a certain aspect I will study it again and get up to speed. If nothing else it eases my mind so that I'm not killing myself trying to figure out every detail of things that won't be useful in the future. Good luck, Jules