Nursing Issues Questions have me stumped

  1. Today is our last day for Issues class today and we have two take home mini essays worth a lot of points a piece and they have me STUMPED on what to put, I guess I wasnt really expecting these questions at all on our last week of first quarter as an LPN.

    here they are guys, please help me this is do first thing tomorrow!!! I would love you forever (and I can finally go to bed)

    Situation to foster critical thinking.

    An acute care hospital is opening a sub acute care unit designed to care for patients who are ecpected to need care for about 15-90 days after their acute hospital stay. These patients are expected to be discharged home after this stay. If you are to work on this unity, what questions about staffing patterns. accountability and responsibility and relationship with the rest of the hospital? What questions should you ask regarding your status as an employee?

    and this is a seperate question as well

    You have been plced on a committee to help with the recent health insurance crisis and so many Americans uninsured. What kind of input would you have for this committee to ensure everyone has/receies insurance coverage, premium payments, cost of services, and any other input that would be pertinent to improve healthcare. BE SPECIFIC.
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    What have you found so far? We are not here no do your homework for you but to guide you once you provide us with your own work /research.
  4. by   kimbby11
    I wasnt asking for people to do my homework. I did it, I BSed it talking about asking for specialized people and just a lot of bull crap. I was just very confused not knowing where to even start. I would never ask for others to do my work for me, I just wanted a simpler form of the question.
  5. by   Esme12
    Allnurses goal is to make you the best nurse you can be.....we ask that all student show what they have done so we know best how to assist them and where they are not understanding ....this is the best way to tailor our answers for we have many different levels of students here in different phases of their programs from all over the US and internationally. I personally have answered questions to students in the Barbados, Albania, Ireland...etc.

    Different programs have different expectations and we are trying to get the most information to give you the best assistance we can to make you the best nurse you can be.