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My nursing instructor reads the powerpoint word for word and she does it really really fast. If you have a question about something she just reads the sentence again and ask "Do you understand now?"... Read More

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    lol....well thanks for the most helpful advice!
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    My nursing instructor reads the powerpoint word for word and she does it really really fast. If you have a question about something she just reads the sentence again and ask "Do you understand now?" I get so BORED and so SLEEPY. I feel like we are in college we don't need somebody to read to us. There are several in the class failing because they don't understand and she doesn't know how to explain it. What should we do? She is a very nice lady and I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings in anyway.......but this is killing everyone in the class! Any advice?
    I've had three instructors who taught from power point, so i feel your pain. sometimes it gets really boring so hang in there. i really don't have a problem with power points it's just the person who is doing the lecturing. we have a soft spoken nice lady who will literally put you to sleep. then some will just read word for word and others will elaborate more on the power point and that's when i make side notes on key information.
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    lmao i thought it was just my class...powerpoints dont help at all
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    I get what you're saying...and I totally agree with the others - you're gonna have to go to outside sources. With that having been said, please don't hesitate to ask some of us - you can private message me anytime. I'm well familiar with having to teach yourself, and it sucks.
  6. by   RNMariposa
    You aren't alone. I had a class like yours and I had to end up teaching myself. I went the the teacher and I didn't get any help from her. I have to do my own reading and look up everything myself.... I studied so hard for that class and only managed to get an average grade. (which I am still not over.. btw)

    But your teachers probably do not realize that some students learn differently. My learning style is more visual and auditory. I have to see it and hear it at the same time which is why having a good instructor is so important. If they don't explain what they mean, I get totally lost.

    My advice is to figure out your learning style. Make notecards, tape record yourself, make up your own quizzes... whatever helps you the best.

    Maybe the best thing to do so you won't be bored in class is to use classtime to read/ make notecards or whatever rather than listening to the instructor if that isn't helping you.
  7. by   Cashboy's Mom
    Here's another idea that helped in our classes; get together with some other students to study those slide topics afterwards, and bring up concerns/questions, things that need clarifying, AS A GROUP. This will get results coming from more than one voice, and also shows the instructor and/or administration that as a group your class is responsible and taking charge of their own learning.
  8. by   leshi
    I have an instructor that reads nearly word-for-word off her typed outlines. She even reads the lesson goals such as "By the end of the lesson, you will be able to..." It's really boring.

    When I ask her a question, she normally doesn't even respond to what I asked. For example, I asked her "Are veins harder to find in obese children?" which is a yes or no question and she replies with, "There are many different factors that determine if veins are easy to find or not" which I can see where she got this but it didn't answer my question at all.

    She's a really good clinical instructor, but it's hard to get anything out of her lectures because she really doesn't make it easy to listen to. Everyone learns differently, but I learn better from professors who are more casual and use humor and stories to teach the lesson...not professors who ritualistically read off an outline.
  9. by   RNMariposa
    Group study works depending on who is in the group... if it is a bunch of your friends then you may end up socializing instead of studying. Also, you don't want to spend your time teaching everyone else while not getting your own questions answered. The people in your group should be at the same level of understanding as you and willing to work and not socialize.
  10. by   shemeakie25
    I had an instructor like that as well. Due to her lack of teaching and lack of knowledge on how to teach caused alot of people to fail. I didn't however it took way more out of me then it had to had i had a good teacher. I feel that we pay way to much not to have qualified teachers teaching us. True enough they may be sweet and may even be a very good nurse but everyone can't teach. I think you are gone have to just really buckle down on it till you can get through her class and hope you dont have her for another one. Good Luck
  11. by   ljeffe
    OK People this can be a tricky situation. I am a faculty member, have been for the past 10 years and my master's is in nursing education which I think helps me a great deal with "teaching."
    Your grade begins and ends in YOUR hands so if you are not getting what you need (when you are paying) in a respectful and non-threatening way try to resolve the problem.
    I suggest go to the teacher (my trick is that I blame everything on me as a student) and I would say Ms. ---- I have reviewed the information you provided and I am missing something, I just don't get it, do you have any hints as to how I could understand the information better before applying it in clinical or taking boards (teachers do not want board rates to go down trust)?
    If she offers you nothing or is disrespectful to you, then I would go to her supervisor and express your concerns.
    Finally, always fill out your evaluations in a respectful but truthful manner (most teacher's evals are used in their promotions and pay increases)

    Suggestions for you as a student:
    Do any exercise that comes on the disk in your book (this can help you see how much remediation you need away from your teacher)
    NCLEX questions are a must before any exam (the more the better and get a book with rationales)
    Google study tips for whatever you are learning and see what is provided online
    I hope this helps, good luck!!!
  12. by   geanna
    I have also had power point readers as teachers. I agree with Cashboy's mom who suggests that you find your learning style. My instructors used to get upset with me because I am a tactile learner. If I write it down I remember it. They would get upset because I would write notes down. they would say that I was wasting my time because I was writing down the same thing as the power point. I also made them angry because I did not buy any text books. I looked stuff up that I didn't understand and took great notes. And I got a high B. The first year I had power point reader, after she came down on me for taking notes I asked her if I could knit---yes, knit. The act of keeping your hands busy while you listen frees your mind to hear what they are saying. This was taught to me buy an occupational therapist for children with learning disabilities. Be sure to ask first. Otherwise they can get really, really offended. Sounds crazy but it works. That semester was all A's for me. Best of luck. And remember, this too shall pass and then you can get on with the next stage of your life.
  13. by   gailp104
    Sad situation, but not all educators can educate!! I have taught where the curriculum was given to me and I was unfamiliar with it and I have designed my own curriculum to meet the goals of the program. The secret is that one has to WNAT to educate our future nurses! If one does not know the material, one needs to learn before teaching. Sadly, not all educators feel this way and many think teaching is a "cushy job" and a piece of cake. You need to learn it for yourself, seek out other nurses to assist you in understanding the information and realize you can't worry about other students, you have to care for YOU if you want to pass this class. And pray for a different indtructor next course. I would also suggest a meeting with the dean AFTER you complete this class to share you concerns. Faculty do not usually sit in on other faculty's sessions, so very possibly no one is really aware of this instructor's lack of skills.