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  1. OK.. so graduation is next month! Can NOT wait to finally be done. Longest 16 mths of my life! While I was looking for nursing announcement I was somewhat disappointed. There were barely any websites that had any nursing graduation invites/announcements/clip art. I even went to a scrubs store and they said 'make your own' well I would have if I could even find any clip art to add to it! Anyone out there know of any ideas? I finally did find something but I think itd be a great idea for the scrub outlets to implement this idea ..
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  3. by   suzy253
    Congratulations on your upcoming graduation.
    Cafe Press has a variety of nurse stationery/cards you might consider.

    Another site for nursing grad announcements
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  4. by   suzy253
    I used this company for blank invites which I laser printed myself for my girlfriend's baby shower invites.
  5. by   SAHMU4IA
    We ordered them through our school so that we had the school and Program logo on them. We also got our Pins and tassels through them..
  6. by   scallywags
    Congratulations! See you are a graduate of Gurnick/Concord. I graduated from San Mateo campus last May. Are you combining your graduation with the other campus?

    When we graduated, we had a group of students who organized the event and printed the invitations. We were supplied a couple and could purchase additional for $2. I'll see if I can find one. The wording was really nice and they were printed on a thick stock paper.