nursing diagnosis for Thalassemia

  1. I am in desperate need for a nursing diagnosis for Thalassemia. Can anyone out there help? Please!!:wink2:
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  3. by   Daytonite
    Just as a doctor does an examination and bases his diagnosis on the symptoms he finds, so does a nurse when doing a nursing diagnosis. Thalassemia is a medical diagnosis. What symptoms of this disease does this patient have. Did you read the H&P? What problems performing their ADLs does the patient have? You need that information in order to determine their nursing diagnoses. Every nursing diagnosis has a list of symptoms that goes with it just like a disease such as pneumonia has a list of symptoms. You need a nursing diagnosis reference or a care plan book with nursing diagnosis information in it to help you diagnose.

    Here is information about Thalassemia. There are several types. Do you know which type this patient has? See if your patient has some of these symptoms and then use them to figure out what the nursing diagnoses might be, or list them here and I will help you formulate the nursing diagnoses.
  4. by   jmg333
    I hope you found some good info on Thalassemia. My friend in school has this. I had never heard of it, nor had her dr while she was little. They kept giving her iron, later on realizing that iron would be of no benefit. She has the beta (I think) the type that affects Meditteranean (she is Italian). I would think Knowledge Def. would be a good one