Nervous!!! Taking the Nursing Entrance Test on the 9th!

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    Hi! Btw, I'm new on here...

    but I'm really nervous about the Nursing Entrance Test I'll be taking in order to get in to LPN school. I've been a CNA for three years and a Trauma tech for one year now. I've partially finished my health Care administrative degree, I like two classes from finishing it. The first year working on that degree I was excited, then I become a CNA and decided a desk job wasn't for me that I liked taking care of people much better. But I stuck with the degree for so long to keep my dad happy but it just wasn't making me happy...

    I bought a book the other day, Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exams, and I'm not doing so hot in this practice book which has me extremely nervous even more than I already was about taking this test next week. I know if I got into the program I would do great, I've exceptional background in the medical field already. I've worked one of the leading Trauma centers in the area in the intensive care, trauma bays, and with lifestar, I have Post Op experience, ER experience, Med/Surgs floor ranging from respiratory, peds, ortho, neuro, transplant, & cardio. The hospital I'm working for will pay for me to go to LPN school if I get in, I only have to pay for books and nursing uniforms....

    maybe I'm over reacting about this test.
    Can anybody tell me any tips about this test, what exactly does it cover?
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  3. by   anxious
    Well where I took my entrance exam to LPN school it was basic Math, English and Science. If you have completed high school and/or have taken gen. ed. college courses you should be fine. Does the book you have for Nursing School Entrance Exams have an LPN entrance exam section? The LPN entance exams are different, I took 2 different tests 1 was a little more difficult then the other but both schools said if you wanted to prepare for the exam get a GED test prep book. Well anyway GOOD LUCK I'm sure you'll do just fine.
  4. by   GAA30
    Hey Tn Trauma Tech,it's normal to feel nervous. You are about to embark upon a new dimension in nursing and to embrace the dream of your career. Relax and just study Math(percentage,decimals,fractions,division,multip lication,reading comprehension,and you will be fine. With Math, if it's your weakest practice makes perfect. Take a few deep breaths and go for it!!! I took the Net test,I am not sure waht you are taking but,these tips should help.