Need Inspiration for Upcoming LPN school during an Obstacle

  1. I don't normally delve off into my personal life over the internet but this time I need advice, guidance and maybe a prayer or two or three or four.

    Everything happens for a reason in life. I am fully aware of this. So, I'm giving you a run down of what's happening.

    This IS the 3rd time of me trying to get in a program and something ALWAYS fall in my way.

    First time, I had a semi-decent job, decent transportation and a happy home including a newborn son and a supportive and perfectly happy husband... moment I decided to go to NS, my job fell through, husband was forced to quit his job and we had to move to California in a tiny one bedroom apartment with my family with my credit going down the tubes to boot.

    Second time, barely made it through CNA/HHA training because of confliction with family vs. my husband (which btw, they didn't like him because he wasn't what they wanted for me, Never hit me or anything of that sort just..not from the same side of the tracks or whatever, yet they adored our son ..Go figure), poor transportation and barely enough money to make it to my CNA job that I got fresh out of school. Moment I decided to continue on to LVN/LPN school, never got accepted to any locals ones, all local ones had 1 - 2 year waiting lists even a waitlist for pre-reqs, my husband and I started falling apart and the only LVN program that would accept me was a 1 hour away in the opposite direction of my job and can of sardines apartment. Plus, towards the final days leading up to the start date of this LVN program,the school director decided to throw in that my high school wasn't accredited and I had to rush out and get my GED in the next week or I wouldn't be accepted. Soon after I was ready to take my GED, my husband after months of dealing with my family finally threw in the towel and decided with our son that I could either stay in this new crap hole life of mine with my family or go with him. With that being said, I walked off my job and got on a plane with my family and ended up in the middle of nowhere on the opposite side of the country. Sure, I'm happier now and my marriage has gotten sooo much better and I have no idea how many countless nights I've apologized to my husband for everything but anyways... moving on.. ^_^


    Third time, Just as we settled in I decided to continue my nursing journey, went to ECPI, passed all their exams .. TEAS..Compass..and an Essay on why you should be a aid is just about PERFECT and my home life is back on top BUT...

    *DUN DUN DUN* This school is ONLY 45 minutes away, on ONE highway unlike the three freeways in Ca *lol*, no one can afford the commute all of a sudden and me and my husband applied to so many chicken pot jobs in hopes to be able to support my upcoming gas habit AND to pay my 700.00 out of pocket tuition .. and now its coming down to the line and I'm freaking out that I have no job and no form of money and that this one small obstacle is such a BIG problem!?!

    With all that being said, considering of all what I've been through, this single small obstacle has caused me to lose hope in reaching my goal at being a LPN so I am asking for inspiration because this is ridiculous!
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  3. by   williams3803
    WOW, sounds like you guys have had some ups and downs. Well, One thing I can tell you is that you might try talking to some local hospitals about paying for your tuition and books and then you agree to work there for X amount of time. That's what I am doing. The local hospital will pay me $1000.00 a semester and in turn I have to work 6 mths with them for every $1000 they pay. Not too bad considering that covers almost all of my tuition for the 3 semesters all I have to do is pay for my books which isn't cheap, but my school doesn't do stafford loans. Just a thought to help out with expenses, even if you have financial aid. Hope this helps!