LPN @ Tulsa Tech or ASS RSU, and planning my daily schedule. Help!

  1. Hey everyone,

    I am planning out my future as an RN, but need to start work immediately due to recent family events and me now being sole provider for my 2year old. My plan is to take Tulsa Tech's LPN program, then bridge over to the TCC RN program.

    Optionally, I'm still a little confused whether it is worth it to take Rogers State Associated Degree LPN (less clinicals if any?) as I dont fully understand the benefit except that alot of my RN coursework will be done ... regardless, I need the quickest program to get me in a paid nursing field and I havent seen a job listing for "AAS LPN's". Do they get hired quicker??

    My main questions is advice on how to plan my LPN coursework/clinicals. I'm heading to a counselor today but wanted to ask some prelim-questions to you guys. Have any of you attend that have children and also need to support the household financially?

    Since I have a child and will need to work on the side, does the program allow the flexibility to have a job on the side or will I be in class 8-10 hours a day.

    Any advice and encouragement would be more than welcome!! Thank you.

    My plan of action for now is:

    • Take the entrace test,
    • Start my medical terminology 1 and 2 along with A&P online to jumpstart.
    • Then take courses and clinical like normal.
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  3. by   IAmNotForgotten
    I don't have children, but am planning on trying to work through nursing school. I am planning on going into the evening class. I have already tested and am just waiting on my acceptance letter.

    As for the AAS LPN I don't think there would be much difference. The positions I see want you to have an LPN, whether it be diploma'd or degree'd.

    How did the meeting with the counselor go?
  4. by   sbear24
    i've applied to the tulsa tech lpn program and i'm just waiting on the deadline to pass so i know when i start school. i work about 50 hours a week and i have a 2-year-old. i'm a waitress so i plan on working evenings and taking classes during the day because i can make more money at night (although if i could find a job that would pay as much as i make waitressing that would let me work evenings i'd take it in a heartbeat, because waitressing is extremely stressful and exhausting. unfortunately, i can't afford to take a paycut to get an easier job.). i'd say do what i'm planning on doing and go through tulsa tech for your lpn as it's a faster program; i don't see any reason why you should spend 2 years on your lpn if you can get it in one, unless you really need to take 2 years to allow for other commitments in your life. tcc has a good lpn/rn bridge program with tulsa tech, which i'm also planning on taking, so you can take that option if you want to continue to your rn. i really don't have any answers when it comes to how to successfully manage your time while working/studying/having a child, but i can tell you i'm in the same boat so you won't be the only one. my plan is that once i get my cna through tulsa tech i will try to get a weekend cna job pulling three 12's on the weekends, and just pick up waitressing shifts during the week, to give myself more days off and therefore more time to study when i get into clinicals and higher tier classes; especially when i'm preparing for the nclex-pn. good luck with your decision!
  5. by   Tulsa13
    How many points are needed to get into tt
  6. by   AureateNova
    Im actually in the tulsa tech program right, finishing up in a few weeks. I also have a daughter (almost 3) and while my husband works, we need my paycheck as well. I currently work nights as a nurse tech at the hospital (7p-7a), mainly on weekends