LPN student getting so frustrated =(

  1. m about to graduate this march and in about 7 wks , i have to take the wat they called the HESI test in new jersey...i feel like i dont know anything and evrytime i do the saunders , davis ,mosby cds,,,i always fail!!!!!eventhough i passed all my test in class and got most a's n b+,,,,, i juz dont know how to study for this HESI..and our class that suppose to be a review is not helping at all! all we do there is sit and practice the questions,,,i need tips to study,,or is there any classes that i cn take for reinforcement????im nervous as hell ! and so anxious evrytime i think about it....pls help!!!! btw, HESI IS LIKE AN EXIT TEST FROM OUR SCHOOL....like a final exam before u take the boards...nclex test,,,,
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  3. by   mistydave
    my school gave us a hesi test practice book which was quite helpful.
  4. by   Bella Donna
    What is a HESI test?
  5. by   mistydave
    ps. we had to take the hesi before we were allowed to enter school. Does your school offer the book? Ours did and it cost $35. Email me and I will get you one if you want. mistydave@sbcglobal.net We had to have a 70 % to pass Hesi test.

    not sure if that helps any.