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  1. Can anyone recommend an LPN program that has no wait list? I live in Wisconsin and the waiting lists here are ridiculous. Since I am single I have no problem with relocating. I don't mean to come across as impatient, but I have been a CNA for almost 11 years and I am more than ready to take my career to the next level (I also plan on eventually becoming an RN, but I need to make a decent living, hopefully as an LPN while doing so). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   jean333
    I am sure you will have your pick if your willing to move. In Central NY I don't know of any wait lists. We have Boces centers that have 11 month LPN programs. There is a simple entrance test and then you have an interview. The costs vary but its around 7,000 dollars give or take a few hundred dollars. Of course NY is VERY COLD!!!!! and lots of snow. I am sure there will be lots of places with no wait list. There are some colleges to that have LPN to RN program here. Such as Suny Delhi, it is a 2 semester program for your LPN and you can bridge to the RN. More expensive than the Boces programs though. Best wishes
  4. by   Jules A
    In my area there is huge competition for the seats like the RN program. There were over 400 applicants for 40 seats in my LPN class. Also some of the community colleges have residency requirements so make sure you find out about that before relocating. Wishing you the best. Jules