LPN School option worth considering?

  1. Hi, I am debating applying to LPN School. My only hesitation is the $30K cost it's the cheapest LPN program in my State. The Associates degree program seems something not worth considering anymore. Have B+'s/B's in most my prerequisites for nursing school and a Bachelor's, but liytle luck getting into a program. For a BSN have to take more prerequisites and classes to apply; even for accelerated.

    I was looking into the LPN program. It's $30K I probably try for financial aid of $15K. The program meets only 3 days a week so I still be able to work, which is a plus.

    My biggest concern is finding a job and advancing myself. I like to skip the ADN route. Are there LPN bridge programs out there? Are there ones online?

    What your thoughts on being an LPN over a RN? Work with a RN who was an LPN for 10 yrs, but made the RN jump to move out of home care. Co-worker with OT said he made close to 80 grand a year doing the job.

    I like to be an LPN by time 32/33 and BSN by time 35 then look into a government/military job.

    How quick are LPN to BSN bridges?

    Appreciate the insight and feedback.
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  3. by   Thanksforthedonuts
    80k a year as an RN or LPN??

    No way under the sun will I believe an LPN can make 80K a year even with overtime. Unless they OWN their own lucrative business.

    I'm always skeptical when people say how much they make. Lots of people claim many things. Lots of factors also come into play. Gross income vs in pocket pay at the end of each month can vary dramatically in some places.

    I was told new RN grads in my area make around 70k annually..... in reality it's a lot less after deductions.
  4. by   UCSchoolofNursing
    Don't doubt anything. There's a current job listing in OH for a LPN with 1 year of experience. $60,000 annually. *contract* with all benefits.