Losing hope....

  1. So here is the thing, In May of 2016 I started my schools LPN program. after failing mental health and having to wait to reapply I started back in the 2nd semester of this school year. I'm currently failing 2 classes and I'm probably not going to pass them. I'm just getting really discouraged and I feel like this is the universe telling me to pick a different career path.

    p.s. I'm failing mailing because we must have an 80-test average to continue and that is hard for me. I know all the information but when it comes to the test and applying it in questions I do terrible every time

    I guess I'm just looking for some that have been through this as well or any suggestions on how I can do better on tests if I choose to go to a different school, because we only get 2 chances in the program I am in now.
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  4. by   ashy96

    Well today we had our last Peds exam before we take the final and i did not pass it, shocker

    Now i know there is no way of me passing, so I applied to a different schools Patient Care technician course. Hopefully after that i will do their BSN program. I'm hoping with this PCT i will at least get my foot in the door. Its just really frustrating to spend 2 years of my life for nothing
  5. by   LE86, CPT
    Hello! Sorry to hear about your struggles & disappointments. Have you considered becoming a CNA? Do you have enough of the education to possibly meet the requirements to apply for a license in your state? As you stated, you don't want to have wasted 2 years & have nothing to show for it. If not CNA, have you considered other medical professions such as a Phlebotomist or Medical Assistant? I'd like to become a LPN one day, but I know my limitations (not a very good student, but quick learner when it comes to "DOING"); hope that made sense. I'm a CNA & also a Phlebotomist, I figured I could Frankenstein enough skills together to be happy, so I may not be a Nurse, but I'm able to contribute in the Medical/Nursing field.

    I know the post was long, Hope it helps. Good Luck in Following your OWN path
  6. by   The1nerh
    Don't give up,you've made it this far! Keep on pushing!
  7. by   LilyRN99
    Some states allow you to take the Cna exam after a certain amount of nursing school. Sounds like you have test anxiety. You go into the exam thinking you aren't going to do well. Even though you didn't pass you still learned a lot over the past two years. I'm not sure if you have kids or a full time job while going to school. Maybe you need help with other life responsibilities so you can focus on school. Try to practice some positive thinking and try to reduce overall stress in your life. Get a pet, meditate, yoga or whatever works for you. Nursing school is difficult, requires a huge time commitment and you have to basically give up your social life. At a new program you will be ahead since you already know so much. If being a nurse is your dream then keep fighting for it. You can do it!
  8. by   ramonabeth
    You may have test anxiety or you may be someone that needs to hear the questions spoken aloud. I would get evaluated to see what is up. Its pretty common and many schools have programs to help with test taking. I'd do that before entering in any more academic classes.

    Good Luck with the MedTech thing.
  9. by   Black Coffee
    Don't give it up too soon if nursing is truly your passion. You might have test anxiety like others said. My advice is to find out what went wrong when taking test. Maybe you can talk with a learning specialist to find out.

    Good luck with trying out other things.