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Hi everyone. Iam looking into the kaplan college in sacramento lvn program that starts in october. I went for the tour already and passed the first test. What i was wondering was does anyone have any... Read More

  1. by   Kaligirl02
    I didn't get a good feeling either but you never know. I was told that they will accept 30 studnets and i think 2 alts. idk how many passed the hesi to qualify for the interview. But I know that alot of people tried the hesi and didn't do well. I wish they would answers questions. everything is really hush hush.
  2. by   applemom83
    Hey everyone, just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing with their nerves waiting How are you keeping busy? I've got some fall classes but they don't matter, well one does for Sac State (just polysci), but they're all easy. I'll drop them in a heartbeat if I get into Kaplan, cuz they aren't too big of a deal.
  3. by   Kaligirl02
    Well I work full time as a medical assistant
    at Sutter. That is keeping be a bit busy. When I get home I
    search for grants to apply for. Is anybody going to work
    while in school if you get in?
  4. by   applemom83
    Hell no I won't be working! Lol. Actually the DON, when explaining the demands of the program, was kinda implying you really should not work while in the program. She said she just wants to make sure students understand it's a very demanding 51 weeks and the best chance of doing well is devoting your time to school. It's not a policy that you not work, but they really recommend you don't because it is so fast paced and so packed with info to study. Plus your clinical times could change, it could be days, or through the evening, maybe even a weekend. If you have a set schedule even for part time work it could interfere hours-wise. Ack I'm rambling sorry, haha.
  5. by   Kaligirl02
    I'm not going to work either. There really isn't any med asst jobs on the weekend anyways.
    Alot of vocational nursing programs let you sir for cna boards if you want to.
    That might be pretty cool. Maybe a way to get in the door. It seems like you got alot of information
    out of your interview. Anything else that you would like to share? Lol
  6. by   applemom83
    Well she said she liked my dress...lol...um, can't think of any other important info, you already mentioned about the clinical sites, right? I asked her about those too, I'm really amped! If I get in it will be so great! Seems like they will have a good variety, they are also trying to get others not sure what though.
  7. by   Kaligirl02
    yeah... Iam excited about the Mother Baby rotation. I think she said that that one is almost at night though. Sheesh I try not to think about it but its sooo hard!!!! I talked to my admin rep today and she said that the DON said she was very pleased with all the applicants she met so far. I told her I thought I over dressed!!! she said I should've seen the ones who underdressed!! lol. At least I know I wont get points taken off for that!!! Oh and speaking of points I just found out that there is a point system they are judging us on!! i didn't know that. I knew the one in Stockton was doing that. Did any of you know that? And how many points are poss?
  8. by   applemom83
    I did know there was a points system but I am not sure how many points you get for what, or how they are distributed. But just because you get lower points than someone else I would assume that doesn't have to mean it's absolute you won't get in, cuz maybe they really liked your interview. And vice versa, you could have one of the highest points and not get in, cuz maybe they don't like you, lol. Anything is possible.
  9. by   Jeosmith619
    there is a new program through kaplan starting in indiana. i have picked up on some valuable info reading this thread. if i get in i am assuming i will be in the first class. which also begins 12/2/09
  10. by   plaza
    I have my interview w/kaplan on friday, at 4:00 in the afternoon. yawn!
  11. by   Kaligirl02
    Awesome plaza!! Good luck!! I'm sure you
    will nail it!
  12. by   Kaligirl02
    Hey Plaza how did it go? Has anybody heard anything yet? I know they said they will mail out letters next week but i was reading that some places call and tell you first and then you get the acceptance in mail a few days later.... im soo stressed out!!! lol.
  13. by   plaza
    Well, I had the interview this afternoon - it lasted about 30 mins. My "counselor" asked me questions and she wrote my responses on a big sheet of paper that will be used by the DON to determine my eligibility.

    Questions like previous medical job experience/training, formal educatio, what my 2, 5, and 10 yr plans were, if I was aware of the time committment, were all expected. She wanted to know how becoming an LVN would enhance my esthetics career. She seemed generally interested in my answers and in the end, she told me I was a "solid candidate."

    I asked her about the school's accreditation and where they were in the process. She didn't know so she went to the DON and asked. I mentioned that I was aware that the Sacto. Kaplan was awaiting accreditation, and that the BVNPT was there a few weeks ago.

    Apparently, the BVNPT was supposed to be in Stockton last week for 2 days but one of the people doing the auditing got sick and was unable to make it. Instead, they will be in Stockton for one day next week.

    The first class graduates next month and from what the counselor said, BVNPT waits until after the first class is finished before accrediting. I then asked does the BVNPT wait until the class takes the NCLEX and a pass rate is determined. The answer was "I dunno." I decided to leave it at that.

    I also asked about the number of applicants. 400 people have applied for 30 + 3 seats.

    My chances are good. I have a solid work background, medical experience, I'm finishing up my MA externship, I've got good grades, scored high on the HESI, and have an undergraduate degree, plus DH supports my decision.

    What more could they want? They need serious students who will commit to the program because their reputation is at stake (NCLEX pass rate).

    The rest of the process, if I got it right, is they will be contacting qualified candidates to return for the DON interview in a couple weeks. Post interview, they will be sending out letters of conditional acceptance to the lucky ones. They will then begin the backgrounds and require medical check-ups.

    I'm confident, but who knows?