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Hi everyone. Iam looking into the kaplan college in sacramento lvn program that starts in october. I went for the tour already and passed the first test. What i was wondering was does anyone have any... Read More

  1. by   applemom83
    sac people- has anyone received the invite in the mail yet for orientation? carol said orientation is supposed to be wednesday and we would be getting an invite in the mail for it. maybe today?
  2. by   plaza
    is kaplan-sacto still supposed to start next monday?
  3. by   applemom83
    Yes, from what I've been told. Almost there!
  4. by   Jen7090
    Carol called me today, they lost my drug test results then found them...omg I know what else huh. She said orientation is Wed the 4th from 10am to 1pm. School is set to start on Nov 9th. We should get our books on Wed and hopefully our uniforms too. If uniforms are not passed out Wed then we should get them Monday. I was told to wear scrubs to school if we have them otherwise wear something school appropriate. Hope this helps.
  5. by   applemom83
    Jen, did you get an "invite " in the mail or are they just calling people about orientation? Carol didn't give me the time last I was there, just the date. Good to know time now!
  6. by   plaza
    have any of you found out the bottom line what the total costs, financial aid, and out-of-pocket expenses will be?

    I wonder if it is their strategy that the financial aid "issue" is left to the very end so that by the time we make it to this point and find out what it's actually gonna cost - we've got so much invested (emotionally, physically, time-wise), that they just expect us to carry through, no matter what the cost.

    have any of you wondered the same thing, by any chance?
  7. by   applemom83
    I thought I posted it before, but the total tuition (including books, uniforms, supplies, that stuff) is $28,450 (minus $20 enrollment fee to make it $28,430). As for out of pocket, I'd imagine gas money to get to school/clinicals (kind of a duh), and...not sure if anything else. Financial aid really does depend on your situation, how much money you made last year, etc. At least for sac they calculate for the first 9 months, because that's all they are able to determine as far as disbursement date stuff goes right now, but you will get called in again "next year" to recalculate more aid you are eligible for since the program goes through not only the 09/10 school year but partially the 10/11 school year.

    When we sign up for a private school, we can kinda figure it's going to be really high tuition, because they all are. Yes they want their money, but they don't get the same funding that community colleges do for example. the sky high tuitions at private schools are due to that; they help pay for the facility, the teachers' salaries, the desks, the computers, everything...they don't get money from the government like the public schools do for upkeep and all that. The most they get from the government is the title IV funding (your fed grants and loans).
  8. by   Jen7090
    Applemom, I just happened to remember to ask Carol what time the orientation was while she called to tell me that they found my drug test results. I did receive a call later in the day from my rep telling me the time too. There was a letter sent from what I hear but we all know how that goes LOL!
  9. by   plaza
    thanks applemom! you probably did post the information previously. this thread is getting larger than life and I must've missed it! sorry.
  10. by   applemom83
    No problem! I know this whole process has been frustrating for all of us, it's good to be able to come here and share experiences: )
  11. by   plaza
    once we all start school and are hard at it, we should get together and have a toast. we deserve it! :hosed:
  12. by   applemom83
    Plaza, did you do your DON interview? How are things moving along for Stockton?
  13. by   plaza
    I had the interview last week. I've not heard anything.