Interview with Nursing Dept to get into LPN school?

  1. [font=lucida sans unicode]i have applied for an lpn program here in orlando, fl. i have had everything done....the references, the drug test, the application, entrance exam, entrance essay, and now i have to have an interview with the nursing department. the nurses from the program will be interviewing me and i am guessing they will determine if i get in or not. the interview is thurssday 11-29-07 at 9:00am. when we were taking the net exam i was the only one that passed it in that session of testing. it was my second time to take it. 2

    [font=lucida sans unicode]i am clueless. what should i expect during the interview? any clue what type of questions will be asked? what should i do or not do during the interview?

    [font=lucida sans unicode]my job decided that i have to give them a letter of resignation now - as in today - because it will take them a while to hire someone and go through the entire hiring process. the classes don't start until jan. 22. i am not 100% that i am in yet. i am pretty sure but not completely. i was told that i am considered re-hirable (sp?) and if they don't hire someone by the time i find out if i get in or not i can keep my position but if they do, they will find me another position in one of our other offices.

    [font=lucida sans unicode]i don't know what to think about that. i know that has happened to other people that worked here and they just so happened to not have any open positions at the time that she needed to work.

    [font=lucida sans unicode]any advice?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Expect to be asked, "Why do you want to become a nurse?" Here are some more potential questions...

    1. "Why do you want to attend our school?"

    2. "What do you find appealing about the nursing profession?"

    3. "Who will support you while you're attending school?"

    4. "How many hours do you intend to study per day?"

    5. "What action would you take if you're unsure of something?"

    6. "Do you have children? If so, how would you arrange for daycare?"

    7. "What do you expect to achieve out of the nursing profession?"

    8. "How would you handle difficult people and situations?"

    9. "Which adjectives would you use to describe your personality?"