In the middle of week two! Also, tips for nursing students!

  1. Hello everybody!

    Well I'm in the middle of week two of VN school! I've been learning so much! So much to do!

    I have so much homework and reading to do.

    Word of advice for other nursing students or soon-to-be nursing students:
    Get a weekly day planner.
    I just got one and I can put all my assignments that are due, any reading to do, skills to read about, etc. Much more organized now!

    Some other tips:
    • Plan your time wisely!
      On my lunch breaks at work, when I'm riding the bus, and in my free time I study, read, and work on homework. Make a schedule. Remember to fit some "me-time" in there, as well!
    • Take care of yourself
      I make a huge effort to get a good nights rest (at minimum 7 hours per night). It helps me learn better when I go to class in the morning. Shower and practice good hygiene, etc. I also make some free time for myself to go on walks, relax and watch some TV or surf the web, spend time with my partner, etc.
    • Eat healthy
      I bring a lot of healthy snacks with me to class to eat on breaks.
      Fruits, yogurt, juice, etc.
    • Stay organized!
      I have binders for each class, get a weekly day planner, keep track of homework and projects
    • Start a study group
      I call my group my nursing school family. We study, we support each other, we lift each other up, and if somebody forgets lunch - we make sure they eat! My nursing school family is amazing!
    • Be professional
      You're in nursing school, where you build your foundation to becoming a great nurse. Student nurses are held to the same standard as licensed nurses.
      It's time to buck up and be professional and act as if you are a nurse.
      Try and hide those tattoos, take those piercings out, and don't have crazy hair, I have nothing against any of these (I have a tattoo below my neck, and have my nose pierced). A girl in my class just got wrote up for a visible tattoo.
    • If you need help, talk with your instructors or classmates
      They are here to help you. You are paying for your education and they can be a great resource!
    • Don't be afraid to ask questions or say something in class
      In my first week, I was afraid to do the above, but now I ask questions and provide feedback and am not that nervous anymore. We don't know everything and no question is a stupid question!

    • If you make a mistake:
      Admit it, learn from it, move on! We all make mistakes!
    • Let your friends and loved ones that you will not be available as much as your were before nursing school, so they know that you will be busy and don't think you disappeared off the face of the earth.
      Have pens/pencils/highlighters, uniform, supplies needed, textbooks needed, assignments due, etc. ready. I get everything I need for class and labs ready the night BEFORE I have class, so I don't have to scramble to get ready in the morning.

    Hope these help somebody else...


    We have a NCLEX Integration Class once a week, and we were introduced to the NCLEX and have to do 50 test questions a week in certain topics. I think it's good that my school is exposing us to the NCLEX already!

    I had a talk with my Fundamentals of Nursing instructor, she's really tough and made me cry on Friday (after I got home)... She told me she wants me to succeed, that she knows I can do the skills, and that she thinks I'm going to be a great nurse.

    My A&P instructor met with all of us after class today for about a minute or two, to get feedback on how his lectures are, how quizzes are, etc. He told all of us our current grade, let us know the schedule of tutoring sessions he is having. He told me he loves my enthusiasm, passion, and how I am so interested in everything. He's a surgeon from Peru and is really great! He knows his stuff and is constantly asking us for feedback about his teaching methods and see if he can improve anything.

    As far as my social life, it's gone. There isn't enough hours in the day anymore!
    It's true that in nursing school you don't have much free time, a social life, etc.

    I had to drop my work hours to just the weekend.

    But this hard work is going to pay off! I love nursing!

    Best wishes,
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  3. by   Determination08
    what school are attending?
  4. by   StephV
    You listed some great points!! I am in my 2nd week as well. All that being said, when you are in Nursing School, you just have to want it... PERIOD!
  5. by   LVN_Soon2Be
    Exactly! You have to want it! You have to have the desire to want it and the willingness to work your butt off to earn that license!
  6. by   sdl11b
    I love this! Great tips!
  7. by   LVN_Soon2Be
    Thanks, just trying to help out other fellow nursing students! We are on a long and hard journey, that takes a lot of hard work and dedication, with more rewards than a lot of other fields.

    Good luck my fellow nursing students on your journey to becoming a nurse!
  8. by   zhaogongzuoxm
    Thanks so much for your post,I am in my second week too,I have been left school since I graduated from university 9years ago,the first week really fast paced,especially when English is not my first language,I just learned it five years ago.i did have a hard time understand what the teacher talking about,actually without preview the textbook I only understand 20percent. A&p is extremely hard for me,we used body structures and functions,11th by ann senisi Scott,I bought workbook,can anyone help to tell where I can find key /answers to this workbook?that will be great help to me.
  9. by   jaluo2014
    I understand you, English is my third language but I do pretty good. I speak 6 other languages but that does not interfere with my English. All that I can say is that, speak English all the time. perhaps if you have family members who wants to speak "mother tongue" then it would be hard.
    LVN_Soon2Be Thanks for the tips. I am starting my program in the fall 2014 and I am all set!