I took the HESI Nursing school here I come

  1. I finally took the HESI examination for the Oct 2017 cohort at Altierus in Southfield, Michigan. I received a cumulative score of 91.5 % ☺.
    I think the message boards made the test seem harder than it was. If you have passed a math level 200 college course, you shouldn't have any trouble with the math. Review basic laws of grammar and brush up on your reading comprehension skills. Luckily, Altierus only requires reading, math, vocab and grammar 🙌👏👏👏.
    Good Luck to the future nurses preparing for your entrance exam 🎓 I can't wait for nursing school 💓
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  3. by   tsykes89
    The math was way easier than I thought, I guess not too easy I didn't get 100%, but STUDIED way more than what was on the test.
  4. by   Brighteyes052
    Congratulations to you.
  5. by   Cuttykupcake
    Congrats, lady! I'm sure you'll do great in your program
  6. by   Cheyt23
    Was there any measurements on the hesi exam ?
  7. by   readyforthehesi
    Not very many...maybe just like 5. The HESI math mainly tests over fractions, ratios, and decimals, so you must be able to solve those but also the word problem version of fractions, ratios, decimals.
  8. by   CoffeeShop
    I just recently took the exam too and like you said it was way easier than I anticipated. My admissions counselor (who shall remain nameless) wasn't going to even allow me to take the exam because he said I didn't pass the pre-assessment well enough for him to consider letting me take it. He was sure I would fail and I guess he felt he was saving me the embarrassment. However, after my sister (who also was denied for the same reason) practically begged this man in an hour long phone conversation to reconsider letting us take it anyway. He finally gave in and​ gave us passes to the exam on a Wednesday for an exam that was scheduled that same Friday. Needless to say, with little over a day and half to study (which I probably utilized maybe 20 mins of) and with no study material, I scored a 92% cumulative score on test I wasn't even supposed to take, according to him anyway. Now I've done everything else to finish up my enrollment and can't wait to start next month but it ALMOST didn't even happen. But anyway, good luck on school and future endeavours and I should be seeing you in class soon!!!..... Well, that's if you picked day classes.....lol
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  9. by   tsykes89
    I picked day classes. Maybe I'll see you at orientation Monday the 2nd!!!